Debug Configuration

Debug Configuration deals with both the verbosity of messages and if Telnet is available.

Debug Calibration Screen

Log Level

The drop-down shows seven verbosity levels:

  1. LOG_LEVEL_SILENT No logging output is displayed

  2. LOG_LEVEL_FATAL Shows only fatal events

  3. LOG_LEVEL_ERROR Shows errors and fatal events

  4. LOG_LEVEL_WARNING Shows errors and warnings

  5. LOG_LEVEL_NOTICE Shows errors, warnings, and notices

  6. LOG_LEVEL_TRACE Shows errors, warnings, notices, and traces

  7. LOG_LEVEL_VERBOSE Shows all log output

Higher logging levels are helpful for debugging tasks. There is no performance impact from the various levels. Serial logging is enabled by default, and you may connect with a micro USB data cable to your computer. The baud rate is 115200, and the connected controller is easily powered through this cable.


Telnet is a valuable tool when debugging or monitoring is required, and the system is in a place where connecting a serial cable is impractical. You may connect to the controller via port 23; no authentication is required. Because this can present a security risk in some environments, this is disabled by default.

Never open your controller, either the web UI or Telnet, to the Internet.