Taplist.io Target

Taplist.io Settings

The Taplist.io page allows you to forward pours to Taplist.io. The settings are as follows:

  • Taplist.io Venue Name: [Required] Venue/site name. Found in your account at taplist.io under Dashboard > Web Settings > Web Address.

  • Taplist.io Secret: [Required] Taplistio API Secret. Generated in your account at taplist.io under Account > Integrations > API. Begins with ‘secret-’ (NOT ‘key-‘).

In addition to the venue/secret, you must link each Keg Cop tap to a Taplist.io tap. This setting is configured on each tap’s individual configuration tab.

  • Taplist.io Tap Number: [Required] Taplist.io tap number to link this tap to. Set to 0 to disable sending this tap.