This section will grow over time. I will add items here, which I believe represent items which more commonly trip people up.

Cannot open Keg Cop by Name

  • Windows requires Bonjour Print Services for Windows to be installed to find local devices by name. Technically, newer OS versions and patch levels have mDNS support; however, that is only for 64-bit applications. Most web browsers are 32-bit.

  • If you are on Windows 10 and still have issues, see the article: Disable Windows mDNS

  • On Windows to check if mDNS is working properly (independent of connecting to the controller), you can use Bonjour Browser

Controller Settings
  • Android phones have had a questionable history of support for mDNS - likely because the technology was adopted early on by Apple and is heavily ingrained in the Apple ecosystem. Reportedly, under ChromeOS 80 the Chrome Browser does resolve mDNS names (.local). Under Android 10, it does not. There is an issue on the Issue Tracker, which is an interesting mix of phanbois giving reasons why it should not be supported, and real users who want it.

  • From an Android smartphone, you can use something like Service Browser to browse mDNS services on your local network.